Fast Boat Tickets                                to Gili Islands or Lombok

one way Ticket

Lovina – Amed – Gili Islands   /or/    Gili Islands - Amed - Lovina*:
from 600.000 IDR
per person**!


*includes private transfer from Lovina to Amed harbor, fast boat to Gili Trawangan, Gili Air or Lombok, Also possible to book from Gili Islands with transfer to Lovina!

**1 person: 950.000 IDR,  2 or 3 persons: 600.000 IDR each, 4 and more:  upon request
Speed boat transfers operated by our reliable partner with high convenience and safety standards. 

or drop a Whatsapp to Komang to chat or book:

SPECIAL OFFER: return and open return ticket

Lovina – Amed – Gili Islands – Padangbai – South Bali*: 
from 1.050.000 IDR per person**!


*includes transfer from Lovina to Amed harbor, fast boat to Lombok (Bangsal), Gili Air or Gili Trawangan, fix or open return to Padangbai, private transfer to all main destinations in South Bali (Ubud, Sanur, Kuta, Airport, Seminyak, Jimbaran)

**1 person: 1.600.000 IDR,  2 and 3 persons: 1.150.000 IDR each, 4 or 5 persons: 1.050.000 IDR each

Speed boat transfers to Gili Islands operated by Freebird, our reliable partner with high convenience and safety standards. From Gil to South Bali, the fast boat companies decide who is operating, we have no influence on their choice.

or drop a Whatsapp to Komang to chat or book:

On Bali, there are two harbors from which you can get to the Gili Islands by fast boat:  Padangbai, and – more north – Amed what is the nearest harbor when starting from Lovina.

Whereas the speed boat operators only sell return tickets to the same harbor (Amed – Gili – Amed or Padangbai – Gili – Padangbai), Bali Surya Tours can arrange open jaw transfers to different harbors (Amed – Gili – Padangbai).


If you plan to come back to Bali after your stay on Lombok or Gili, we recommend to buy a return ticket right here on Bali as prices are more expensive when you buy a single ticket on Gili. If you are not sure yet about when exactly you come back to Bali: with Bali Surya Tours Lovina can you book open return. Just inform us one day in advance (in July/August better two days) via email and we confirm your return date to the fast boat operator.


One last important advise:

It is not recommended to return from Gili on the day of your departure.


The fast boat schedules strongly depend on the weather/water conditions and mainly in the rainy season (January/February -> rough sea), this can cause tremendous delays. Hence it is not guaranteed you catch your flight.

All confirmed transfers on Bali will be guaranteed though.




If you book your return ticket with shuttle bus included, please follow the instruction of the staff on the boat to find your bus!! We've got told that private drivers try to irritate arriving passengers in the harbor by telling them shuttle busses take very long and make many stops in between. THIS IS NOT CORRECT! All shuttle busses go directly to Ubud, Sanur, Kuta+Airport!

If you like to book a private driver, however, please feel free to let us know, we can arrange that for you.