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Why is Lovina worth visiting? Where to stay and for how long? What are the best things to do around Lovina?
Here comes your ULTIMATE LOVINA TRAVEL GUIDE with loads of insider info and tipps
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Travel infomation Lovina Beach

First of all you should know: Lovina is NOT a city, but named an area on the northern coast of Bali, Buleleng regency. It consists of seven villages west of Singaraja, stretched over about 15 km along the coast line: Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Anturan, Banyualit, Kalibukbuk (Central Lovina), Kaliasem, and Temukus.


Why Is Lovina worth visiting?

5 Good reasons for coming to Lovina:

  • Compared to the touristy south, North Bali is laid back and still traditional - good to discover the real, authentic Bali - with Lovina as a perfect base.To get an idea of the variety and diversity of Bali, don't miss to experience the north!
  • Super central location. Explore north-east (Singaraja, Sekumpul & Fiji Waterfalls), north-west (Menjangan Island, Hot Springs in Banjar, Brahma Vihara Buddhist Monastery) and the mountain areas (Aling-Aling and Banyumala waterfalls, beautiful Balinese temples)
  • With its rural atmosphere, the Lovina villages feel super friendly and cozy. And are way cheaper than the South. You don't find overrun beaches or chaotic traffic here, but reasonable yet quality hotels, homestays, restaurants and warungs.
    Hey, and it is very easy to connect with the locals! Don't be surprised if you get spontaneously invited to join a temple ceremony or Balinese wedding, or one of the daily volleyball matches. Charming, charming... 
  • Big variety of beautiful activities: Sightseeing tours, waterfall trekking, snorkeling and diving, water sports, relaxation (spas, yoga, walking). Lovina is not just dolphins - but yes, we also have wild dolphins to spend time with every morning
    (>> Find more detailed info about tours and activities at the end of this article)
  • Enjoy relax beach time and ocean activities. Lovina stretches along the coast of Bali Sea, so the ocean is always just a hop away. We love that. You, too??
    Like almost all beaches in the north, Lovina has black sand beaches with easy access to the mellow Bali Sea. No big waves, crushing surf, or strong current here - ideal relaxing and swimming also for families with younger kids.
Visit Kalibukbuk, Central Lovina Beach
Mellow atmosphere: Kalibukbuk village center

Next big question is:

Where to stay in Lovina?

The most developed and bubbly hub, loved by the guests, is Kalibukbuk village, also called "Central Lovina" (>>link to GMaps). From here, boats are leaving for dolphin tours in the morning, you find some shopping facilities and also there is mellow nightlife in the bars and restaurants with fresh fish, cold beer and relaxed live music. 

  • Remember that all seven villages expand over 15 km along the coast!
    If you rent a scooter or your hotel or villa offers free shuttle to Central: No problem, then you can also stay a little outside

  • If not, ensure before booking you have desired facilities (restaurants, warungs, spa) nearby your hotel, otherwise you need a driver every time you like to go out. (or eat every day at the hotel restaurant - hrmpf...) 
  • You might think you can walk a few kilometers: Hm, better not! (especially in the dark) Why? 
    Beaches are not walkable in the night because there is no lights, but large groups of dogs, boat lines and rivers coming from the mountains. Most don't have bridges. (consider sunset is around 18:30 here!)
    The main road is not walkable because pavements hardly exist, same is for street lights / illumination, and heavy trucks are speeding like crazy in the night. 

Please consider this when booking your hotel or villa. Overall, there is a big variety of accommodation in all the villages (from dorm room to homestay to 5* hotels). 

If you are not sure about your choice, feel free to contact us at Bali Surya Tours Lovina (>> contact details at the end of this article)

Lovina travel guide: Beaches
Peaceful Kalibukbuk beach area

How many days do I need for Lovina?

A year is not enough to get all of its vibes ;), But what about starting with 4 or 5 days? 

  • Use the transfer from South Bali as sightseeing tour, there are plenty of nice spots along the way

  • Swim with wild dolphins, stroll around the village, connect and relax. Get a massage or cook your own lunch or dinner at a private cooking class. 

  • Go on a snorkeling or dive trip to Menjangan Island at North Bali National Park

  • Spend a day at stunning Sekumpul- and Fiji waterfalls, enjoy unspoiled nature

  • Transfer back to South Bali as another sightseeing tour -- go to Amed harbor to get a fast boat to Gili Islands or Lombok

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