Lovina area is an interesting destination for those who love to experience traditional culture
in peaceful, rural surroundings of the tranquil northern Bali.

Wonderful destination: Lovina Beach

Lovina is named an area (not a city or village!) on the northern coast of Bali, Buleleng regency. It consists of seven villages west of Singaraja, stretched at about 15 km along the coast line: Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Anturan, Banyualit, Kalibukbuk, Kaliasem, and Temukus.

The most bubbly hub, loved by the guests, is Kalibukbuk, also called "Central Lovina". From here, boats are leaving for dolphin tours in the morning, you find some shopping facilities and also there is some nightlife in the bars and restaurants with fresh fish, cold beer and relaxed live music. 

So make sure when booking your hotel to consider weather you like to have short ways (Kalibukbuk) or prefer to stay more away from the crowd (other Lovina villages).


Compared to the touristy south, Lovina area in the north is very quiet and much more traditional. It is very easy for those who like to become part of the community. Don't be surprised if you get a spontaneous invitation to join a temple ceremony or Balinese wedding, or even a volleyball match.


Nevertheless, there is a good variety of accommodation (from home stay to 5* hotels) as well as local and western style restaurants what is altogether much more reasonable in price than those in the south of Bali. 


Bali Surya Tours: Kalibukbuk, Central Lovina Beach
Kalibukbuk village center

Kalibukbuk beach area
Kalibukbuk beach area

Like almost all beaches in the north Lovina area offers black sand beaches with easy access to the mellow Bali Sea. You do not find big waves, crushing surf, or strong current here - so ideal relaxing and swimming also for families with younger kids.


Because of its beautiful location between the sea and the mountains, Lovina area offers plenty of possibilities to spend your days according to whatever you like: water activities, trekkings to some of our gorgeous waterfalls or vulcanos, day tours focusing on culture and religion, relaxing at a Spa or at Banjar Holy Hot springs - there is feel-good-time for everybody.

Last but not least, Lovina is famous for its wild dolphins passing the coast at the early morning. Abord a traditional fishing boat you can go out to spend some time with this lovely creatures.


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