Lemukih Waterfall Trekking

Lemukih Waterfall Trekking

Fiji And Sekumpul Waterfalls∙ Rain Forest Mountains and Rice Terraces ∙


Sekumpul Waterfalls Bali

Welcome to North Bali Trekking Paradise!  Our 5 hours hiking tour leads you along scenic views, rainforest mountains and green rice terraces to one of the most breathtaking spots on Bali: The Fiji and Sekumpul Waterfalls. 

From the very beginning, the trail reveals a picture-perfect idyll: Intense green rice terraces behind those the jungle climbs up the mountain slopes. It is easy to walk through the rice paddies and along the river in unspoilt nature. First stop is at a 20 meters long natural river slide. Enjoy - and feel like a child again ;).  Take a break at the local warung serving Balinese snacks and coffee or tea.

We reach the next activity after just a short hop: Jump from the rocks 4 meters down in the natural pool! (Don't worry, you don't have to!)

You cross the river and reach a hilltop view point with scenic view to the top of all three Fiji Waterfalls. Stunning! But it get's even better: Your next stop are the Holy Springs, all-natural mountain springs creating a huge Pool - which pours out to the higher of the two Sekumpul Waterfalls. A thrilling - but magic - moment to stay on top of the 90 meters high fall – Infinity Pool par excellence!!

From here, the trail leads down stairs into the gorge to reach the pool levels of all five Sekumpul and Fiji falls. Time to stroll around and swim in the natural pools, or simply relax or medidate in the powerful energy of the falls before you have to climb up the way back again. 

Your lunch break at  Warung Fiji with stunning view on the rice paddys is well deserved! Enjoy your lunch and cold fresh coconut - and take some more wonderful pictures on the panorama swing (Fiji Swing)!



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Good news at the end: You do not have to walk the steep way back to the village. We have motorbikes available for you to bring you back to the parking area! ;) 


So - and if you inspired now and like to experience this breathtaking scenery for yourself - just drop us a line! 

Lemukih Waterfall Trekking

Departure: Lovina, Singaraja

Duration: approx. 6 - 7 hours

Difficulty: medium
To bring: Trekking sandals or sneakers, sun block, swim wear, change of clothes


Price for 2 persons: 1.250.000 IDR

incl. car transfers, English speaking guide, all entrance fees, mineral water, fresh coconut, lunch, insurance, safety helmet for the river slide, motorbike shuttle to Lemukih village

Fiji-Swing is operated again - yeah! The fee of 200K per person is not included in our package price! 

You can decide whether you want to swing or not when you are onsite.

Price for single travellers: 650.000 IDR
for transfer to Lemukih village with Scooter plus guide, entrance fees, lunch, insurance, and fresh coconut
or by car: 900.000 IDR


Please do NOT place tour requests here - use the contact or booking forms or WhatsApp instead. Thank you!

Comments: 13
  • #13

    Tjada Albers (Friday, 28 June 2024 05:44)

    I had such a great time visiting the different places there and really enjoyed it. The guides are absolutely Courteous and funny. I also learned a lot about the way of living here and about the culture. I’d always recommend this trip to anyone.

  • #12

    Fleur (Wednesday, 10 April 2024 23:13)

    I'm interested in your Lemukih Waterfall Trekking tour for 2 people on Wednesday 26th June. Do you pick up from Kintamani? We would not need to return there.

    Kind regards,

  • #11

    Mike Hales (Thursday, 21 March 2024 03:58)

    Our two families enjoyed a magnificent day walking through the majestic mountainside rice fields, sliding down the exhilarating natural river slide, and immersing ourselves in the power and beauty of some of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls. Our guide, Cawis, was courteous and kind, full of local knowledge and history, and proud to share his region with us.
    Would highly recommend this tour and guide.

  • #10

    Elizabeth Rodriguez (Friday, 24 November 2023 18:59)

    This tour was one of the best things we did in Bali. A relatively easy walk, Cawis was very knowledgeable, making sure to point out (and make sure we got to taste) a ton of local fruits etc. The natural rock water slide is a TON of fun, very fast and yet easy to get up and down. Of course the waterfalls we're fantastic and Cawis pointed out good ways to get into the water. Can't say enough what a fun trip it was. The perfect balance of Balinese laid back enjoyment and physical activity. I'd do it again!

  • #9

    Hari Winata & Family (Sunday, 04 September 2022 10:00)

    The Lemukih waterfall trekking is one of the best trekking trip we've done by far. It was an unforgettable experrience with lots of surprises and breathtaking views. From the first till the last minut you will not be bored. Especially with Cawis, the best guide in North Bali. He was very helpful, and patientand explained us many things on the way. Because of his attitude the trip was a big succes and unforgettable. Whenever you decide to go to Lemukih Waterfalls or vissit North Bali go and do it with Bali Surya Tours Lovina. We highly recommend this tour operator. Very good, reliable, punctual and professional tour agency!

  • #8

    Chuaniee, Singapore (from Tripadvisor) (Wednesday, 25 May 2022 21:15)

    Lemukih waterfalls greatly recommended!!
    Komang was very responsive and the driver (Tony) and guide (Cawis) gave us the best experience! Highly recommend going on the Lemukih waterfalls tour. Cawis allowed us to explore and relax at every point and never rushed us to move on to the next point. He followed us through all the activities and showed us the best experience.

  • #7

    Bieke Steenput (Friday, 03 January 2020 18:48)

    This was our best day by far in Bali. It started with very clear information provided through WhatsApp on what to expect (great organisation) The driver was friendly and our guide was the best (Cawis). While walking through the rice terraces he explained a lot about the nature here and let us taste fruits straight from the tree. He was very patient and friendly (and took amazing pictures for us!!) The water slide, cliff jump and swing were real fun, and waterfalls were breathtaking. Would recommend this trip to everyone staying in the north of Bali!

  • #6

    Vanessa Garland (Monday, 07 October 2019 21:52)

    Did the Lemukih waterfall trek.
    Communication was excellent from making enquires to going on the trip.
    The trip was everything we wished for seeing the natural beauty of Bali.
    We loved the day.
    Good work out doing all tne steps in/ out of the waterfalls
    Both the guide and the driver were superb
    Would highly recommend the trip and the tour company.
    Keep up the good work
    Would definetely use them again when we return back next year.

  • #5

    Noah (from Google reviews) (Monday, 16 September 2019 20:58)

    We had a perfect time! We did the Lemukih waterfall trekking and it was stunning! Really worth it. The trip was perfectly organised and Yvonne & Komang informed us very well in advance. Tony is a really cool driver, the trekking itself was amazing. Beautiful nature, good food and nice action (for those who want;)) If you‘re in Bali and want to explore the not so crowded North, make sure to book a trip with Bali Surya Tours Lovina!

  • #4

    Nastja Levasic (from Google reviews) (Saturday, 14 September 2019 12:03)

    Yesterday we did the Lemukih Waterfalls trekk and it was amazing!!! We had such a fun time, the activities have just the right amount of beauty and adrenalline. The views were spectacullar and the food was delicious!!

  • #3

    Samar + Bertrand (Thursday, 22 August 2019 21:23)

    The place was gorgeous. We had an awesome time during the trekking. The guide was fantastic.Thank you very much!

  • #2

    Nadine Netwig (from Google reviews) (Thursday, 09 May 2019 18:28)

    We booked the lemukih-waterfall-trekking. The contact was easy and every time fast with their answers. Yvonne,Komang and their team were so friendly. The tour itself was preparated well and has everything you want. Nice places, great views, adventure and fun.
    Rice terraces, watersliding, rock jumping, big swing, great waterwalls.
    The guide knows everything about the nature around and explained all plants which doesn't grow in Europe. And every riped fruit was picked from our guide so that we eat more fruits during this tour then the days before together. Snacks at watersliding and lunch at the end were included and make this tour a complete experience where nothing is missing. Highly recommended!

  • #1

    Ruta (from Tripadvisor) (Monday, 29 April 2019 12:56)

    The best of North Bali

    I and my husband chose this company for two tours and we totally loved it! Great prices, excellent communication, Yvonne was exceptionally caring and responsive. The first tour we took was Twin Lake tour. The driver took us from Ubud and we were heading towards Lovina stopping at best spots in the area. Loved it! After that we stayed a night in Lovina and in the next morning we had a Lemukih trekking. For those who would love hiking in rainforest and rice fields, see spectacular waterfalls and enjoy River slide and have a picturesque swing it is definitely a must do in North Bali! We absolutely enjoyed every minute of the tour, our guide Carwis spoke very good English and took excellent care of us. We are very grateful. Once again we are very pleased with all organisation of Bali Surya tours and we would definitely choose this company again!