Our top 14 Activities to do in Lovina AND NORTH BALI


Explore more!  Highlights of  ACTIVITIES and places you should not miss when visiting Lovina. 
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Lovina area is an interesting destination for those who love to experience traditional culture

in peaceful, rural surroundings of the tranquil northern Bali. 

Away from the bubbly and touristy spots of the south, you find here the authentic way of Balinese life,
breathtaking landscape and loads of fun activities. 


As North Bali natives, BALI SURYA TOURS LOVINA welcomes you to Lovina and recommend the

TOP 14 highlights you should not miss to do or see around Lovina: 

Transfer Kuta, Sanur, Ubud to  Lovina with Bali Surya Tours Lovina

1.  Getting in


Even the transfer to Lovina is perfect for sightseeing! The rather long distance from South Bali or Ubud leads through stunning sceneries at the rainforest mountains with breathtaking views and interesting stops at temples, waterfalls, a Buddhist monastery or vulcanic hot springs.

Starting from the South, three different routes are available heading north.

Just perfect to use the arrival day already to explore Central Bali and the first spots at the North. 


Beach in Central Lovina

2.  Lovina Beaches


Like almost all beaches at the north, Lovina area offers black sand beaches with easy access to the mellow Bali Sea. You do not find big waves, crushing surf, or strong current here - so ideal relaxing and swimming also for families with younger kids. As all around Bali, make sure you have high tide when planning to swim.

Please consider there is not much infrastructure directly on the beaches in Lovina thus you will not find sunbeds, beach bars or similar. You can buy food and drinks in the local warungs nearby. The most beautiful beach in Central Lovina (from my point of view) is cosy Ganesha Beach at the end of Jalan Kartika.


Lovina night life

3.  Enjoy live music and fresh fish


All over Central Lovina, a village called Kalibukbuk, there are plenty of possibilities to have great dinner with fresh fish or seafood. In the afternoon, you can see the fisherman coming back with their catch - what ends up immediately on the grill.

Along with some cold beer or local wine and hand made mellow music you can enjoy your time in Central to the fullest. 

Find here more detailed information about Lovina, its villages and what to consider before you decide on a place to stay.


Bali Surya Tours Lovina: Ceremony in Lovina

4.  Meet culture and tradition

Balinese culture is an endless array of prayers, offerings, and ceremonies. Because Lovina area is very laid back and it is easy to connect with the locals, don't be surprised to be invited to a family ceremony. Also the staff in your hotel or restaurant will let you know when some public ceremonies are going on. Don't be too shy and accept this offers - it will be a colourful experience! And everywhere you will find somebody who speaks good English and is ready to explain what's going on...

Proper clothes (sometimes traditional sarong/sash/udeng) show respect to your host thus are very recommended.

Lemukih waterfall trekking to stunning Sekumpul and Fiji waterfalls - from Lovina with Bali Surya Tours

5.  Visit Sekumpul and Fiji Waterfalls

Sekumpul and Fiji Waterfalls are for sure the most beautiful waterfalls in northern (if not whole) Bali. About one hour east of Lovina and hidden in the rainforest mountains, it is not overrun by masses of visitors - so you might be the only or just one of very few visitors there. 
Once managed lots of stairs down to the pool level, you will enjoy the twin Sekumpul falls to the left and the triple Fiji falls to the right. The way is not plane, so you have to cramble rocks and cross the river twice - but standing close to the falls or swimming in its pools will be amazing. For a really gorgeous day in that area and recommended by all of our guests, don't miss to check out our Lemukih trekking blog post

private sunrise dolphin tours with Bali Surya Tours Lovina

6.  wild Dolphin Tours Lovina


Lovina area is famous for its wild dolphins passing the coast every morning. Aboard a traditional fishing boat you have the chance to spend some time with this lovely creatures. At 6:00 am you can go for an two hours sunrise tour or at 8:00 am you go swimming and snorkeling with them. A super nice experience! Please read our guest reviews to see: We are doing a little bit different! 

As short note about about the "chasing dolphins" rumours: It is not possible to pushing or hunting them! They come along as soon as they hear the boats – and disappear if they feel bored or disturbed. They have the whole wide ocean to escape. Our captain will explain everything - if you'd like to experience it.

Snorkeling and Diving in Lovina:  Directly at Lovina Reef or as day tour to Menjangan Island at North Bali National Park

7.  Snorkeling and Diving

Directly off shore Central Lovina you have stunning Lovina Reef for both, snorkeling and diving. For snorkeling, just rent spontaneously a boat on the beach. Many dive centers are located in the village for those who like to try or improve their skills and require the equipment. 
The probably most beautiful spot in terms of under water diversity is around Menjangan Island in the North Bali National Park, about 1.5 hours drive from Lovina. Please find the tour description to our Menjangan snorkel or dive day tour here.  
There is a good chance to spot sea turtles, clown fish, moray or small black tip reef sharks - a really touching experience! 

Private cooking class with a local family in Lovina, organized by Bali Surya Tours Lovina

8.  Private cooking class with a local family


You love Indonesian and Balinese food and like to learn about how to prepare it? No problem at all!
Ibu Dewi invites you to her family home to prepare a delicious 5 course traditional menu together with you. It's your choice what dishes to cook, please find a variety in our cooking class menu. Before coocking, of course, you go to the local market together with Ibu Dewi to find fresh ingredients for your meal. 

An informative and super tasty half-day experience for all foodies!

Holy Hot Springs in Banjar - relax time for you!  From Lovina with Bali Surya Tours Lovina

9.  Relax at Holy Hot Springs Banjar


A 20 minutes drive from Central Lovina, the Holy Hot Springs or 'Air Panas' of Banjar are set in a beautiful tropical garden. The sulfurous  water in the three picturesque  basins is of volcanic origin and has a pleasant warm temperature of 35 - 39 degrees Celcius. You will see lots of locals coming here to cure rheumatic or other dis-eases. 
Changing rooms, lockers and restaurant available. (Also a spa what is so-so). 

Great to combine with a visit at the nearby Buddhist Monastery Brahma Vihara.


Brahma Vihara Arama, a beautiful Buddhist monastery in the hills of Lovina

10.  Brahma Vihara Arama (Buddhist Monastery)

A definitely "must see" or better "must feel" place around Lovina is the only Buddhist monastery on Hindu Bali, Brahma Vihara Arama. Located in the hills of Banjar, about 20 minutes away from Central Lovina and 5 minutes from Holy Hot Springs, this peaceful place invites to see the prayer rooms, buddha statues and beautiful gardens as well as an impressive mini replica of the world's largest Buddhist archaeological site Borobudur on its upper level. This meditation areal spreads a very special energy and opens the view far over the hills to the ocean.

Guided tour to stunning Banyumala Waterfall from Lovina

11.  Banyumala Waterfall

Another hidden treasure in untouched nature is Banyumala Waterfall. 
40 minutes away from Lovina, it guarantees spectacular views combined with the sounds of the jungle - and the perfect place for swimming in the natural pool.

Perfect day tour in combination with the Holy Hot Springs in Banjar and the Buddhist Monastery Brahma Vihara Arama. It is also one spot on our transfer tour South Bali to Lovina.

Water Sports Lovina: Jetski, parasailing, flyboard, wakeboard, and many more

12.  Water and Fun Sports Lovina


Lovina area offers a separate beach section as a watersports area. The terrain is super nice and well maintained, so you can spend a lovely time here also between the water and fun sports activities. In addition to jet ski, parasailing and banana boat, you also have the opportunity to try out crazy activities such as fly boards or flying fish.

My personal highlight: The climbing wall right by the pool. 😃

We are happy to organize a FREE SHUTTLE to and from your hotel in Lovina. Just spontaneous, no long lead times necessary (30 minutes are sufficient).

13.   Feasting Es Campur

Es Campur or Es Buah are delicious iced fruits with different kinds of funny fruity gelly, crushed ice, and (mostly) strawberry milk - sometimes topped with chocolate cream. Choose your fruits and definitely ask for Beluluk (fruits of the sugar palm), what is amazing in the mix!

The best one (for me) in Central Lovina is from Warung Ibu Kadek right next to the pier. 

Enjoy!! :) 

logo Bali Surya Tours Lovina

14.  Meet your alltime favourite Tour Operator


Did we make you curious? Or even almost convinced you to visit the north of Bali? It is really nice here, you will like it !! 😃

Feel free to visit our website and blog for detailed information, prices and online booking, or drop us a line at any time. The team of BALI SURYA Tours Lovina is here to answer all your questions or creating your individual offer to discover the authentic Bali at the beautiful North.


We will do our very best to make your time with us a wonderful experience.

See you soon here in Lovina!
Om shanti, shanti, shanti 

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  • #5

    Jon van Aartsen (from Google reviews) (Tuesday, 17 December 2019 03:11)

    Yvonne, Komang and their team were excellent. Don’t hesitate to book, if you’re worried (as I always am!). They will look after you, and help where they can, including altering their pre-planned itinerary to fit your needs (we stuck with what they suggested). Their drivers are safe, and their cars in good condition (and reasonably air-conditioned). Briefly, we went on five trips with them:

    Trip 1: Sanur to Lovina Transfer
    I initially booked this a day earlier than intended, but didn’t find out till the day before they were due to come after Yvonne had contacted me. Yvonne very kindly re-organised the trip, without any problems.

    On our trip we visited:
    - Coffee and Spices Plantation – interesting & good guide. However, shop at the end was extortionately priced (seemed fixed prices)
    - Jatiluwih rice terraces
    - Local Market – at the crossroads of all the busy tourist roads, so the market is geared towards tourists. Make sure you’re ready to haggle & know what the approximate value is of what you’re trying to buy
    - Ulun Danu Temple
    - Bayumala Waterfall

    Trip 2: Lemukih Trekking to Sekumpul and Fiji Waterfalls
    Highly recommended. Definite highlight of our trip – ask for the guide Cawis. He is from the local area, knows everyone and is a great guide / photographer.

    Trip 3: Half day morning cooking class with Dewi
    We attended the morning market with Dewi and then went back to her house to cook the meals chosen from the Bali Surya Tours website. She was very kind and welcoming, and the meals were delicious.
    I would like to suggest a “Course book” in which the recipes are pre-printed (in addition to others) that people can take home. Don’t eat too much breakfast prior to attending!

    Trip 4: Menjangan island snorkelling
    Highly recommended & also a highlight.
    I can’t wear contacts, but have very bad vision – Yvonne went above and beyond to try come up with a solution for snorkling, and I’d accepted I probably wouldn’t see anything. Then, when I got to the snorkelling tour operator, they had -4/-4 Goggles, which was great as I could at least see something! Menjangan is beautiful.

    Trip 5: Lovina to Airport transfer via Monkey Forest
    On time; all went smoothly.

  • #4

    Ruta Trapnauske (from Tripadvisor) (Saturday, 30 November 2019 06:28)

    The best of North Bali

    I and my husband chose this company for two tours and we totally loved it! Great prices, excellent communication, Yvonne was exceptionally caring and responsive. The first tour we took was Twin Lake tour. The driver took us from Ubud and we were heading towards Lovina stopping at best spots in the area. Loved it! After that we stayed a night in Lovina and in the next morning we had a Lemukih trekking. For those who would love hiking in rainforest and rice fields, see spectacular waterfalls and enjoy River slide and have a picturesque swing it is definitely a must do in North Bali! We absolutely enjoyed every minute of the tour, our guide Carwis spoke very good English and took excellent care of us. We are very grateful. Once again we are very pleased with all organisation of Bali Surya tours and we would definitely choose this company again!

  • #3

    Nicky + Aro (Tuesday, 20 November 2018 04:23)

    We loved the dolphin sunrise tour! Beautiful views of sunrise over the mountains on glass like water its amazing!! Thanks to Pascal, our captain, for staying a bit behind the crowd so we could enjoy our private group of dolphins alongside our boat.
    Awesome experience, thank you!!

  • #2

    Max1984 (Sunday, 26 November 2017 03:59)

    Komang and Yvonne helped us to plan our north Bali activities. They made a lot of helpful suggestions how to enjoy our time the best. Our driver Tony was always fun to be around with and always on time. We loved to explore the waterfalls at Sambangan secret garden and Sekumpul. Also had a great time exploring local tempels, hot springs and markets. Would definetly recommend.

  • #1

    umpan ikan mas harian (Friday, 27 October 2017 21:48)

    thank you very much for the information. this blog gives a lot of very useful information. we never get bored to visit here, always we wait for the newest article. greetings from fishing lovers